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Maison Berger Aroma Relax Lamp Gift Set


The Aroma Relax home fragrance gift set from Maison Berger is an ideal gift or introduction to interior perfumes and catalytic lamps.

It comes complete with the glass lamp and accessories: patented cotton wick burner, protective crown, lamp cap and funnel

This gift pack also contains a 250ml Aroma Relax – Oriental Comfort gift refill.



Minimal and simple: a delicate Aroma Lampe Berger with a round frosted white glass bottle, a transparent, subtle, and light floral decoration, and a straight mounting.

The Oriental Comfort Home Fragrance has a feminine and subtly powdery olfactory composition with a slight ambered top note, a tender floral heart, and finally the creamy scent of sandalwood.

Aroma Relax contains a complex blend of essential oils: patchouli, which relieves stress; guaiac wood with invigorating properties, and geranium, which balances the whole. Everything encourages relaxation!