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Maison Berger Bordeaux Clarity Lamp


The Bordeaux Lampe Berger from Maison Berger is an ideal gift or introduction to interior perfumes and catalytic lamps.

It comes complete with the glass lamp and accessories: patented cotton wick burner, protective crown, lamp cap and funnel

500ml and 1 Litre fragrance refills available separately – in a perfume of your choice.

Because you deserve the best, we strongly advise you to use your Lampe Berger only with Maison Berger Paris perfumes.

Why? Only the use of Maison Berger Paris perfumes with the Maison Berger Paris catalytic process can guarantee quality and safe use of the Lampe Berger. Using any other perfume than those by Maison Berger Paris could damage your Lampe Berger irreversibly.




A new look at the heritage of ancestral techniques from which the designers draw their inspiration, just like this Bordeaux Clarity Lamp designed by Sylvie de France.

In the Clarity collection, the Bordeaux Lampe Berger is most definitely the most sensual. Its shape features striking raised elements that are emphasised thanks to a bright colour and a honey-coloured mount, in mashrabiya style, all of which attract the eye. For elegant purification and perfuming.



  • Remove the burner from the lamp if you do not intend to use it for several weeks.
  • Change the burner after it has been lit 200 times or every year.
  • Clean your burner between two fragrance with the Pure Air – So Neutral Home Fragrance.
  • Adjust the intensity of your fragrance by diluting it with the Pure Air – So Neutral Home Fragrance.