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Maison Berger Exquisite Sparkle ‘Olympe’ Car Diffuser Set



Personalise and adorn the interior of your car with this stylish car diffuser and its festive Exquisite Sparkle fragrance.

The diffuser is practical with a multi-directional metal clip that easily clips onto the air vents. The efficiency of its rechargeable scented ceramic heart produces even and subtle diffusion.

The diffusion time of a ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.

Clip the diffuser to your vehicle’s air vent. For a more intense fragrance, just let it work with your air conditioning.

Fragrance intensity ❶②③④⑤+



Due to its many openings, the Olympe Car Diffuser diffuses a floral and invigorating fragrance. The effervescent notes of the Exquisite Sparkle fragrance merge with tonic and zesty grapefruit, as well as with woody patchouli, for a most colourful atmosphere. On the other hand, its round design and shiny chrome colour give a sophisticated touch to your dashboard.



  • The diffuser must be clipped to your vehicle’s air vent.
  • For a more intense fragrance: put your conditioning on!