Bougies La Franҫaise - Gardens of Lights

A luminous stroll in ten wonderful gardens 

Bougies La Franҫaise - Gardens of Lights

Discover the fragrance of ten wonderful gardens in your home

Illuminate the everyday…


Gardens of light

Today, garden art, whether geometric or uncontrolled, is very popular.

Inspired by this trend, the Jardin des Lumières Collection presents the garden in every form. Each décor unfolds around the candle like a stroll through the garden.

The candles in a white lacquered glass are decorated with an original illustration for each garden.

Ten scented candles, like ten olfactory strolls in ten gardens which invite the imagination to wander.

The illustrator, Anaïs Vielfaure

By day, Anaïs Vielfaure, designer from Quebec, designed for an architectural company. At night-time, she becomes an illustrator addicted to Chinoiserie, spicy food and travelling. Today she manages the agency, Trends Reverso.

180g Candle with lid (without box) £17 each

(Candle has approx. 40 hours burn time)

The FRENCH Garden

A stroll through a French garden with its geometric forms: a half-open door, large alleys, perfectly-pruned shrubs and large pots that intersperse the décor.

A fresh and verdant fragrance that takes you to the heart of a perfectly-sculpted French garden with careful geometric shapes.


The Mediterranean garden in the hot summer sun. It pays tribute to beautiful stones and ancient trees. The tones are warm, to highlight the contrasting materials.

A fruity floral fragrance that conveys the scents of the Mediterranean, of a festive coastline.

The ZEN Garden

An invitation to journey through a contemporary Japanese garden. A water garden, the sky reflecting in the water, lily pads and blossoming cherry trees.

A delicately woody and aquatic fragrance, with balance and harmony.


An aromatic, bucolic and contemporary garden where aromatic plants and garden accessories intermingle. The acid green and grey-green notes evoke plant aspects.

An aromatic fragrance imprinted with the wisdom and old-fashioned charm of a priest’s garden with the scents of paradise lost.

The BALCONY Garden

The image of a balcony garden in the early morning, with dew on the window ledge and a pink-hued sky. A bohemian and fuchsia-coloured Paris.

A green floral fragrance which evokes the cascading flowers on the balconies in French cities.


A floral garden with wisteria, rose bushes, pergolas and wrought iron gates. A little piece of paradise for lovers. The coloured duo of lilac and pastel pistachio green creates the spirit of a secret garden.

A floral garden with wisteria, rose bushes, pergolas and wrought iron gates. A little piece of paradise for lovers.

The SPICE Garden

A garden like a temple of taste. The density of the foliage is interspersed with little objects and a fountain, giving the idea of taking time for a rest.

A spicy fragrance that grows at the heart of dense, lush and tropical vegetation.

The EXOTIC Garden

The lushest and most colourful garden imaginable in this collection. The foliage depicts a lost paradise decorate with a large gate, a parasol and a swinging chair.

An exotic fruity fragrance between lushness and colours for a tropical ambiance.

The CITRUS Garden

Evocation of a sun-drenched garden. It has orangeries, a glasshouse, a feminine presence and a few motifs that combine the East and the West.

A citrus fragrance, the antidote to gloom, which immerses you in a garden bathed in sunshine.

The DESERT Garden

The pink and wild desert garden features succulents and cacti, with dunes and valleys on the horizon.

An oriental fragrance, a breath of air over the warm sand which flies in burning dust towards a delicate oasis.