Maison Berger Aroma Collection


A collection of fragrances with essential oils that boost your well-being!

When we live in a world full of stress and tension, it’s imperative that the home is a warm cocoon of positive energy. This is why Maison Berger Paris has created a collection of olfactory formulations, inspired by the benefits of essential oils: subtle fragrances that relax the body and mind, revitalise the senses and boost your mood.

This collection of Aroma home fragrances and the exploration of essential oils and aromachology demonstrate the perfect command of the Master Perfumers selected by Maison Berger Paris. They meet demands of quality, an obligation for safe, purified, healthy and deliciously scented air: French excellence at its very best.

Choose from the patented Lampe Berger Gift Set, a Reed Diffuser or even a Car Diffuser to diffuse your fragrance. Each is refillable with a selection of aromatherapeutic fragrances to enhance your mood.

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