120 Years of Fine Fragrance Brought to Your Home

Since 1898 when Maurice Berger devised his system of purifying the air by diffusion, Maison Berger has been producing air cleansing and air fragrancing lamps with Cocteau, Colette and even Picasso some of their most famous users. Inspired by nature, loving memories or far away journeys, there is a wide collection of fragrances, all created in Grasse, France by Master-Perfumers to delight your senses.

One of Maison Berger’s most popular ranges is the Aroma Collection which includes essential oils to both stimulate and relax and there are a wide range of styles to suit all budgets from beautiful glass lamps to car diffusers and decorated glass reed sets – perfect as a gift for a friend, a special occasion, or a little treat for yourself.

Fragrances with integrity...

Try Aroma Relax with patchouli and Guaiac wood oil, native to Paraguay, to relax and comfort. Or Aroma Happy with clove oil to improve mental wellbeing. For something more energising, there’s the zing of grapefruit oil in Aroma Energy to dynamise and invigorate whilst eucalyptus, sandalwood and cedarwood help to boost you first thing in Aroma Wake Up.

Whichever Aroma you choose you can be sure that it has been created with not just beautiful fragrances but with emotional benefits alongside. As Maison Berger themselves say:

“Our master perfumers are excellent composers and talented performers. They trace the contours of an olfactory memory, draw the scent trends of tomorrow. They explore aromachology, research the influence of scents on our minds. A little while ago, they created Aroma, a range based on essential oils and their emotional benefits.

Our master perfumers recognise the scent of inner happiness.

And they are recreating it for you.”